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Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure and an honour to invite you to the 14th Symposium on MPS and Related Diseases which will take place in the Maritim Hotel Bonn, Germany, from 14th – 17th July 2016.

During the 4 conference days, you get informed about the latest developments in research on the metabolic disease MPS and related lysosomal storage diseases.
As in previous years, the symposium in 2016 is a great forum for discovering what is new in the field of metabolic diseases research, this includes:

  • Researchers, doctors, physiotherapists etc. will report about the latest information on the metabolic disease MPS and related lysosomal storage diseases
  • The latest in international research
  • Special workshops for patients / family members
  • Plenary session for all participants, scientific and patient program
  • Unique opportunity to meet the researchers, doctors and clinical staff members leading the field in metabol diseases research and share your experience with peers from all over the world
  • Social Program for accompanying persons
  • Exciting children and youngsters program

You are cordially invited to participate! Hope we will meet you in Bonn, Germany!

Warm regards
Your Organizing Committee
MPS2016 » Welcome – 14th MPS Symposium


Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with great satisfaction that we thank you for the attendance to the 13th International Symposium on MPS and Related Diseases, held on August 13-17, 2014, at Costa Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil.

Your participation was essential for the success of the event. We hope it was an unforgettable experience as it was for us and for our entire team.

Thank you very much!
The Organizing Committee

The short film presented at the end of the meeting is available.




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  1. Tijen Tanyalcin says:

    This meeting is the best that I have attended up to now. Since the concept of the meeting covers a specific group of rare disorders and the presentations were made by the scientists who are focused and spent their lives on this area ; I had a great extent of benefit to be at the meeting; in addition to this ; to be able to see the family groups and patients at the meeting, I could feel the mysterious strength of cooperation and affection. I want to thank all the speakers , attendees and the organizers and their team members, since they effectively and efficiently organized this meeting . It was truly wonderful. Thank you.
    Best wishes

    Tijen Tanyalcin MD, PhD
    Izmir TURKEY

  2. Congratulations! This was was one of the best conferences I ever attended. Many thanks for your Invitation and to all who made this wonderful and stimulating event possible! Wonderful nature, marvellous science, many inspiring personal contacts and, above all, this wonderful type of personal hospitality I met throughout my entire visit of Brazil. Kind regards
    Eduard Paschke Austria

  3. mps2014 says:

    I want to thank you for all your hard work in organising such a special meeting for everyone last month. I really enjoyed visiting Brazil and the opportunity to speak (several times) at the meeting.
    Having organised a conference on a much smaller scale I now have some appreciation of just how much preparation went into your effort.
    I think I can say that this one was the best so far for me

    All the best,
    Brian Bigger

    Stem Cell & Neurotherapies
    Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine

  4. Thank you for organising such a wonderful conference.
    It was so uplifting to listen to talks by such inspiring individuals and to hear about many new therapies currently being developed.

  5. Claire Garthwaite says:

    Thank you for inviting me to speak at the conference. It was a very well organised and inspiring event. I came home having learnt a great deal and made new friends. Well done for putting together such an interesting programme in such a good venue.

  6. Congratulations on organising such an informative, warm and welcoming conference. Thank you for the extensive organisation – it was evident that everything was so well organised and ran smoothly. I learnt so much and met so many inspiring families and dedicated professionals. Brazil is a wonderful country and I would love to return some day.

    Debbie Cavell
    MPS Society
    United Kingdom

  7. mps2014 says:

    I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to attend the Lysosomal Biology Meeting. It has been a terrific experience, both from a scientific and networking point of view and I really had a great time interacting with fellow scientists and everyone else.
    All the best and I hope to meet you again at a conference in the future!
    Best wishes,
    Roberto Zoncu, PhD
    Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
    University of California at Berkeley

  8. mps2014 says:

    I have been travelling in your beautiful country and returned a few days ago. I did not want to come back!
    I wanted to say a big thank you to the organising committee for a wonderful conference and your hospitality.
    It was a great honour to be asked to be a speak at the conference.
    This conference once again showed the importance and the need for families from all around the world to get together and share their experiences and feelings.

    Thank you again.
    Kind regards
    Fer Pidden

  9. Adriana Ferreira de Oliveira says:

    MARAVILHOSO!!! É assim que eu resumo esse evento. Foi de muita importância para as famílias e seus portadores. Pois informação, troca de experiências, conviver com outras nacionalidades e saber que nossa luta é extendida a outros Paises, e simplesmente saber que não estamos só, isso nos torna mais forte em busca do melhor para nossos pequenos gerreiros.
    Que em 2016 possa ser tão bom e proveitoso como 2014.

    Adriana – mãe da falecida Yasmine e do Gabriel MPS Vl

  10. Foi uma grande honra e uma experiência única, participar deste evento científico. Parabéns pelo alto nível científico, organização, e acolhimento

  11. ESTER PLATENIK says:

    Parabenizo todos os organizadores pelo brilhantismo deste evento impar! A conjunção da parte científica e as familias foi fundamental para este sucesso! demonstra o respeito e o amor de ambas as partes pelos portadores e a contribuição destes. Aguardo ansiosamente o proximo encontro e espero compartilhar com boas noticias para a nossa comunidade!!!

  12. It was à great pleasure for to attend this very nice meeting and to come for the first time to South America. Everything was perfect . I was glad to see many people that I could never see otherwise .
    Congratulations for everything
    Dr Benmansour

  13. mps2014 says:

    I would like thank again for your invitation and kind hospitality. The meeting was a big success both for the general organization and for the scientific content of the program.

    Prof. Generoso Andria
    Professor of Pediatrics
    Federico II University, Naples

  14. mps2014 says:

    I wanted to thank you again for inviting me to participate in MPS2014Brazil! It was a wonderful conference in unqiue setting. I particularly enjoyed meeting families and participating in the family conference. Eduardo Prospero gave a remarkable speech and is truly amazing young man.

    Best regards,
    Paul Harmatz, MD
    Pediatric GI and Nutrition
    Children’s Hospital Oakland

  15. mps2014 says:

    Foi uma grande honra e prazer de ter participado no excelente congresso que organízaste!
    Quero agradecer novamente pela gentileza em me dar uma oportunidade de contribuir.
    A experiência que tive foi única e a interacção com os pais e certos doentes também foi mesmo maravilhosa.
    O feedback que recebi sobre as condições ajudou me a compreender melhor os problemas que muitas pessoas têm e eu vou levar esse conhecimento para melhorar a minha práctica.
    Também tive oportunidade de falar com colegas do Brasil e já temos em principio uma base de colaboração em certos projectos. Novamente muito agradecido pela hospitalidade mesmo sem par e um congresso de organização impecável!
    Um forte abraço, Guirish
    (Guirish Solanki)

  16. William. S. Sly says:

    I agree with the other comments. Wonderful meeting! The joy in the faces of the children brought hope to all. Great to see how far the field has progressed. Thanks for all your efforts to make it a successful meeting.
    William S. Sly.

  17. mps2014 says:

    Congratulations on organising such a successful and enjoyable conference. Everybody to whom I have spoken has said how much they enjoyed their time at Saiupe. The scientific programme was very stimulating and the families really appreciated their sessions. Well done.

    Bryan Winchester

  18. mps2014 says:

    I just wanted to send along a brief but heart-felt thank you for the fabulous meeting in Brazil. It was a wonderful symposium filled with so much exciting research and it was so great to connect with all of my favourite MPS researchers, clinicians, industry reps and patient organization leaders – and, of course, best of all was seeing the kids and meeting so many inspiring families. It was just incredible.
    I’m attaching a few photos of me with two people I admire very much and was so honoured to be included with on Saturday night during the “life for MPS” ceremony: Bryan Winchester and Virginia Tsai. As I mentioned during the ceremony, it’s the very special children who dance and laugh despite their immense challenges who inspire us all. It’s been such a pleasure to work for their brighter futures for the past decade.
    With warmest regards and gratitude to you all,
    Kirsten Harkins
    mpssociety Canada

  19. mps2014 says:

    Thanks so much for organizing a nice meeting. It was great to see so many patients now on treatment.
    Emil D. Kakkis, M.D., Ph.D.
    Chief Executive Officer and President

  20. mps2014 says:

    Felicitaciones y gracias por el excelente simposio de MPS que ustedes organizaron impecablemente la semana pasada.
    Luis Alejandro Barrera

  21. mps2014 says:

    What a wonderful meeting! I just wanted to take a moment to pass along this thought… I know by now you are (perhaps) back to your ‘normal’ life and maybe the meeting has passed into your memory… And what a wonderful memory – I keep thinking of the MPS kids dancing with so much enthusiasm, moving their arms over their heads, not doubt for many, an effort made possible by ERT – the meeting was such a rich mix of science and clinical care, and humanity, all occurring in such a beautiful natural setting. It was indeed one of the very best meetings I have attended in years, thanks so much for all your efforts! I came home re-inspired with all we need to do for these and other lysosomal diseases – it was a truly wonderful meeting.
    All my best,
    Steven Walkley

  22. mps2014 says:

    Felicitaciones por el evento de MPS en Salvador Bahía. Me gustó mucho.
    Un abrazo, Paula M. Hurtado V.

  23. mps2014 says:

    Congratulations on your successfully hosting the 13th International MPS Symposium! It’s really an informative and encouraging meeting. I also want to thank you for inviting me to be a speaker and moderator in this meeting. It’s really a phenomenal experience traveling to Brazil and getting involved in such a wonderful event. Please forward my sincere gratitude to your team members for their hospitality and good organization.
    Best wishes,

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